How to Turn Bonuses into Casino Games Real Money? 3 Important Things to know

How to Turn Bonuses into Casino Games Real Money

Do you know which Casino bonus is the best? Do not just look at the dollar amount; read these helpful hints as well. This is how to turn bonuses into casino games real money

New players at all online Casinos receive bonuses as a welcome gift. Even if you have been playing at a qq Casino for a while, you will frequently receive bonus emails.

 The offers may all sound good for player:

“We will give you a double deposit! Get a free $115 credit and claim your risk-free bet!”

But aren’t those gifts too good to be true? What about those Casino bonuses? And what is the best Casino bonus? Hm… you must find it out!. 

Casino Bonuses Work

You can often receive a bonus with your first deposit, regardless of which online Casino you play at: the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is always expressed as a percentage of the total bonus available.

For instance, a 100% bonus up to $300 is possible.

Your first deposit will be doubled as a result. You will receive a $60 bonus if you deposit $60. In addition, you will receive an additional $200 if you deposit $200.

In this case, the maximum bonus is $230. You will only receive a $230 bonus if you deposit more than $230.

A minimum deposit is usually required to qualify for the bonus, such as $11 or $23.

How to Turn Bonuses into Casino Games Real Money?

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You can receive real money through some Casino bonuses. Moreover, the most common types of bonuses are:

1. Cashable Bonus

The most common bonus for casino games real money is the cashable bonus. If the wagering requirement is met, your bonus balance will be converted to real money, which you can then withdraw.

For instance, an online Casino may offer a 100 percent bonus. Its bonus must be wagered at least 20 times.

You make a $115 deposit. After that, you will get a bonus of $115. To clear the bonus, you must wager 20 x $115, or a total of $2300.

2. Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is a bit rare. That’s fortunate, because this bonus isn’t as appealing as the cashable bonus. The reason for this is that you will never be able to withdraw the bonus.

You can use the bonus money to play. And once you’ve met the wagering requirement, anything you win with the bonus becomes cash. The bonus, on the other hand, is never converted into cash.

3. Free Spin

Free spins refers to the number of free spins available on an online slot machine. As a bonus, many online Casinos offer free spins. 

When you make a deposit, you will receive a number of free spins on a slot machine instead of bonus money. The bet per spin is usually the slot’s minimum bet.

Each Casino has a different slot where you can play the spins. Occasionally, a new slot is thrust into the limelight for a brief period of time. Sometimes it’s a perennial favorite like Starburst.

In conclusion, you can know how to turn bonuses into casino games real money by playing some bonunes. Those will help you to earn money into your bank account.

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